K7450 BalsamOro White Condiment "Aurum Tube" (250 ml - 8.45 fl. oz)

White Balsamic BalsamOro with Gold Leaves

Code: K7450
Package: 250 ml - 8.45 fl. oz
6 pieces x box

GOCCE CRYSTALS is a special series of aged white and dark condiments with adhesive rhinestones adorning the packaging which provide a glamorous glittering touch. This one has a "Crystal tube" entirely covered by gold stones and is also enriched with edible gold flakes. For sure a noticeable piece of art for the eyes and for the palates.

This white condiment is produced with white concentrated grape must and white wine vinegar, aged in oak barrels. It has a typical yellow-gold colour and a pleasant density and sweetness. It is enriched with edible gold flakes. Ideal on appetizers, salads, raw and cooked vegetables, sauces, fish, white meat (chicken and turkey), cheeses, desserts, for fruit salad, cheesecakes, ice-creams, cocktails and soft drinks.


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