K0725 White Balsamic Pearls Fig (370 g - 13.05 oz)

White Balsamic Pearls flavored Fig

Code: K0725
Packaging: 370 g - 13.05 oz
4 pieces x box

Little drops of delight for eyes and palates, the Balsamic Pearls are a surprising must-have: tasty though healthy to enrich any cold and warm dish. Use them as a finish on any savoury or sweet dishes, just like a regular Balsamic vinegar. Their "Caviar" shape will make a simple salad look like a star and you can also add some "pearls" in your prosecco or Champagne flute (or in your Mojito)!

GOCCE Balsamic Pearls are totally colouring and preservative free and they are 100% of vegetal origin.

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