K0447 White Balsama in SPRAY (100 ml - 3.38 fl. oz)

White Balsama Spray (PET)

Code: K0447
Package: 100 ml - 3.38 fl. oz
9 units per carton

The spray is ideal to prepare any type of dish and correctly measure out the product without waste.

It is produced with white concentrated grape must and white wine vinegar, aged in oak barrels. It has a typical yellow-gold colour. Its most striking feature is that it does not alter the colour of dishes, adding a fruity and mildly acid aroma and flavour (excellent as a substitute of wine vinegar or lemon juice). Ideal on appetizers, salads, raw and cooked vegetables, sauces, fish, white meat (chicken and turkey), cheese (Buffalo Mozzarella, Bitto, Scamorza and Robiola), for fruit salad, cocktails and long drinks.

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