J0360 Balsamic Condiment Patriarca - 30 Travasi (50 ml - 1.69 fl. oz)

Balsamic Condiment - 30 Travasi

Code: J0360
Package: 50 ml - 1.69 fl.oz
4 pieces x box

Ideal on risotto, smoked salmon, roast, grilled or boiled meat, boiled potatoes, fish, caviar, Foie Gras, mature cheese, salami and ham, vanilla  ice cream, yoghurt, fruit salads, strawberries, dark chocolate, a teaspoon at the end of a meal as a digestif.

More than a simple dressing, it is an elixir to enjoy anytime of the day, preferably pure.

Aged in wood barrels it has been through 30 transfers in different woods so it shows a very complexe bouquet.

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